Training Overview

The Veto Violence Website contains useful, up-to-date information about violence prevention. It is built especially for CDC grantees, partners, public health practitioners, health care professionals, community leaders, school administrators, and every day citizens who share the common goal of preventing violence in the United States.

This is an evolving resource. It features training, all of which is free and a portion of which offers accreditation. There are also resources for developing, implementing, and evaluating effective prevention programs.

The training is engaging and uniquely delivered by real people, sharing information about programs and strategies that have been implemented in their communities.

Start with our core courses, “Principles of Prevention (POP)” and “Understanding Evidence” which describe the key concepts for effective violence prevention. Then examine your area of interest for additional accredited training and helpful resources.

Lots of people representing all Americans because all of us can be impacted by any of the five violence types

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