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ACEs Can Be Prevented

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How do we prevent ACEs?

Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationships and Environments may stop ACEs before they even happen through building a strong foundation of healthy relationships and environments through which children can thrive and reach their full health and life potential.

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How Relationships can Prevent ACEs

Safe, stable, nurturing relationships with parents and other adults in children’s lives can be a strong protective factor against ACEs. Networks of support for parents are also essential for the health of parents as well as their children.

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How Environments can Prevent ACEs

Safe, stable, nurturing environments play a large role in preventing ACEs by creating a context and atmosphere that allows families to share quality time together, to discuss and resolve conflicts, and to provide emotional support to one another. Community and organizational decision-makers– both in the private and public sector (e.g. state and local health departments, media, businesses, schools and faith-based organizations) – also play an important part by developing policies that create conditions and resources that support safe, stable nurturing environments that benefit children and families.

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