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Hello and welcome to the Dating Matters Capacity Assessment and Planning Tool (DM-CAPT). Capacity in this refers to the information, skills, resources, abilities, and supports needed to develop, evaluate, and sustain a public health approach to prevent teen dating violence. DM-CAPT is a free online tool that allows comprehensive teen dating prevention initiatives to assess their capacity to implement comprehensive teen dating violence prevention programs by surveying stakeholders. The insights learned from using this tool will assist teen dating violence prevention initiatives in identifying strengths and areas for improvement in their capacity.

This online survey was designed to make assessing a comprehensive teen dating violence prevention initiatives’ capacity easy and straightforward:

  1. Create Assessments
    Assessment coordinators create new assessments for health department, school, and coalition stakeholders.
  2. Invite Survey Respondents:
    A link and code to complete the assessment will be generated to be sent to initiative stakeholders via e-mail. Draft text for the invitation will be generated through the system, then can be copied and pasted into an e-mail by the assessment coordinator.
  3. Complete the surveys
    Assessment coordinators can monitor survey completion progress by clicking on the Assessment Report button in the menu.
  4. Review the Report
    Once surveys have been completed, a report can be generated which summarizes the results of all submitted surveys.
  5. Make a Plan
    After reviewing the assessment report, sites can use the tools provided on this website to make an action plan to monitor and manage taking steps towards increasing their initiatives’ capacity to implement omprehensive teen dating violence prevention programs.

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Date published: Aug 6, 2014