The accredited lesson modules on this site will help you incorporate evidence-based decision making into your violence prevention efforts.

The Progress Bar on the top of the site will help you navigate through the website and will keep track of your progress.

How to Get Started

1. Watch the Homepage Video to get an overview of the different types of evidence you will learn about.

2. Create a Login to make a user profile that will allow you to choose the area of violence prevention you would like to focus on, save your progress through the learning modules and get an output document customized to your input.

3. Go to the Introduction Page to view the introduction lesson module, then view each of the three remaining lesson modules in any order you wish.

How to Navigate

1. Use the arrows on the left and right side of the screen, or the left and right arrow keys, to navigate between the four learning modules.

2. Make sure to answer Knowledge Check questions that are asked throughout the modules. Your responses will help populate your output document at the end.

3. Refer to the Glossary located at the top of the screen anytime for definitions of key concepts and terms.

4. After completing all four modules, click through to the Conclusion page, where you will be able to register for your Continuing Education credits.

Note: If you are new to violence prevention, you may want to check out the Principles of Prevention  External Link training which provides an overview of public health and violence prevention that will help you get the most out of Understanding Evidence.