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"Violence isn't something that just happens that you can't do anything about. It can be prevented."

Dr. Rodney Hammond
Director of CDC's Division of Violence Prevention

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POP's course material is the same whether you are seeking continuing credit or not.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created POP for everyone interested in learning about violence prevention, the burden violence places on our society, and effective prevention efforts.

CDC encourages partners and grantees to experience this interactive training.

The course is free.

And, you can earn CDC approved continuing education credits, if you like.

You will need 75-90 minutes to complete the full course. POP features videos, animation, and interactive exercises developed to create a meaningful educational experience.

At the end of POP, you will be able to:

  • Define violence
  • Describe the burden of violence in the United States
  • Distinguish primary prevention from secondary and tertiary prevention
  • Identify the 4 levels of the Social Ecological Model
  • Describe the public health approach to violence prevention

The last module of the course features the opportunity to test your understanding of these concepts in a fun, "POP Quiz."

(POP's course material is the same whether or not you are seeking continuing education credit.)

Published date: Dec 15, 2010