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Suicide and suicide attempts take an enormous toll on individuals, families, and communities. Suicide, by definition, is death and is a problem for individuals across the life span. When people attempt suicide and live, they can have serious injuries, such as broken bones, brain damage, and organ failure. These injuries can have lasting impacts on their physical and mental health.

Suicide also affects family, friends, and other members of a community. These individuals often feel shock, anger, guilt and depression. The costs of medical care to help people affected by suicide, as well as loss of productivity in the work place also result in billions of dollars each year.

The consequences of suicide and suicide attempts can be severe, but they can be avoided. By understanding suicide and the impact it has on all of us, we can work together to stop it, before it happens. Join our efforts.

For more information about suicide and its impact on individuals, families and communities, please visit CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention website.