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Current CDC grantees will be able to submit final story versions for approval into the permanent archive. This is a great way to showcase your prevention work on a national platform and help us develop a library of successful practices.

Success Stories

Tips, tools, and other resources to help you in developing your success story.

Webinar / Presentation

Violence is a serious public health problem that is preventable. Ongoing research continues to improve our understanding of violence. Every year, we learn more about effective prevention programs that can help professionals and communities proactively prevent violence.


We use a four-level social-ecological model to help us understand violence and the potential benefits of prevention strategies.

ACEs Snapshot

The ACEs Snapshot will serve as a doorway to the CDC's latest work and research into the topic of ACEs, Snapshot is designed to be approachable, informative, and something you can share to help stakeholders and partners understand ACEs.

Webinar / Presentation

You can think of it as a relay team for prevention: overall success depends upon all teammates and how they run their legs of the race.

Success Stories

Welcome to Success Stories, a place where you’ll find a growing collection of successful violence prevention stories from across the country!

Principles of Prevention

Principles of Prevention is a free online course that introduces users to the fundamental aspects of violence and violence prevention.

Understanding Evidence

Understanding Evidence is a free online resource designed to educate practitioners and community advocates about the value of making evidence-informed decisions around violence prevention.