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School Violence

Millions of children and young adults attend our schools and universities each year. While schools in the United States remain relatively safe, any amount of violence is unacceptable and can disrupt learning. Students, parents, and school personnel need safe learning and teaching environments so our children can enjoy promising futures.

School violence is a form of youth violence that happens on school property, on the way to or from school, or at school-sponsored events. School violence can include bullying, gang-related violence, fighting, electronic aggression, or homicide.

When young people experience school violence as a victim, perpetrator, or witness, there can be physical, emotional, and academic consequences. School associated violent deaths are rare. When school violence does occur, nonfatal injuries are more common and students sometimes express fear about going to school. School violence also hurts teachers, families, and the entire community. One person or one organization cannot prevent school violence alone. It will take all of us working together.

To learn more about school violence and effective ways that we can prevent it, please visit CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention website.