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  • Understanding Evidence will help you use evidence-based decision making as you work to prevent violence.

    Take the training to learn more about the different types of evidence, explore resources to help you gather your evidence, or use the Continuum to discover the evidence behind an existing program, practice, or policy.


    Explore three different types of evidence (research, contextual, and experiential) while earning continuing education credits.


    Discover ways to find the best available research evidence and ways of collecting contextual and experiential evidence.


    Gauge the research strength behind a program, practice, or policy you are considering for your community.

    We must take action to prevent violence. And that action must be informed by our best science as well as the experiences of people and organizations working on the front lines.
    - Dr. James A. Mercy, Director, Division of Violence Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Date Published: March 19, 2013; Last Reviewed: Feburary 14, 2018