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You wanted to make a difference in the lives of youth in your community. This is your chance to consider what you accomplished and how you may be able to do more. Review your findings and notes. Are there things you did well? Things you would do differently if you were to try again?

Share your findings and lessons learned with your team, implementation sites, community, and other people who have supported you along the way. Your story is important and needs to be shared. Keep in mind that different people and groups may need different types of information. Sometimes a mix of stories (anecdotes) and data work well, depending on your audience.

“If you make this succeed, then it becomes a model that multiple institutions, multiple community members can buy in to this idea of addressing [youth violence] from the root.

- Abdullah, Community Advocate (Portland)

The next challenge for your team to tackle is up to you. Should you expand to other communities? Should you try different strategies? Is there a different aspect of youth violence you need to focus on now? Whatever you decide, the tools and resources here can help.

Final Thoughts

Consider this final advice and takeaways from other communities.

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