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Deciding where to focus your team’s efforts is crucial to the successful prevention of youth violence. One place to start might be deciding what sort of youth violence you’ll be working to prevent. Next, you’ll work with your team to specifically define the geographic areas and neighborhoods where you should implement your violence prevention efforts. Gathering and using data can help you understand the violence happening in your community and make informed decisions about how to focus your efforts.

Data has been most helpful in elevating the conversation about violence as a health issue.

This section will help you:

• Specify your group’s reason for coming together

• Use available data to better understand the nature of youth violence in your community, including how widespread it is 

• Concentrate your prevention efforts where they’re most likely to be effective 

When you’re ready, start with Purpose.


Determine which aspect of youth violence you want to focus on initially.

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Identify the geographic areas or neighborhoods where you will focus your efforts.

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Using Data

Identify data types and sources to help you determine the best focus for your efforts.

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