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Each strategy you’ve selected may be associated with several outcomes – the aspects of youth violence they have been shown to affect. Tracking these outcomes will help you see what impact your work is having. You may choose to track outcomes other than those suggested. However, keep in mind that outcomes you add may not be part of the original research."

“A lot of research shows that community change is a very important part of getting to outcomes that relate to complex problems, so we want to record the accomplishments at the same time we are looking at those more secondary or long-term outcomes.

- Krista, Evaluation Specialist (Salinas)

Use the Tracking Outcomes Tool below to see the outcomes associated with the strategies you have selected. For each strategy choose one or more outcomes that your team will track. Before choosing an outcome, you should consider your team’s capacity and the data sources available to you.

It’s important to know the baseline for each factor you believe your strategy will change before you begin implementation. Knowing this information in the beginning will help you understand if the strategy is working. Information about sources of data relevant to these outcomes can be found on the Using Data page in Our Community.

As you do your work, you can visit the Progress to update the data for any of these outcomes and track how things are changing in your community.

The Importance of Tracking

Learn how data tracking can help communities like yours prevent youth violence.

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Tracking Outcomes Tool

To get started on Outcomes, create activities for your strategies and link them to your locations. Once done, you will be able to add outcomes to them from here.


Outcomes are the results of implementation of your strategies. Collect and report baseline data before you implement the strategy. Then, track your progress by collecting data throughout implementation.

The outcomes you will measure should be directly tied to your strategies. These are preselected for you and included in Our Progress, based on the strategies you chose.

Wrapping Up will help you think through the information you’ve gathered and what your next opportunities may be.